3D Drucker – Extruder

3D Printer Drucker Head Extruder Thermistor MK8S E3D J-Head Hot End Extruder
MK8S  specification:
  1. Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h
  2. Movement shaft speed: 10-100mm/s
  3. Normal working temperature: 190°c-250°c
  4. The maximum temperature : 280 °c
  5. The cooling fan operating voltage: 12V DC
  6. Heating rods: 6mm, 12V 40W
  7. Print Material: ABS, PLA
  8. It’s compatible with 1.75mm filament


Motor specification:
Model: 42HS40
Wire Length: 20cm
Stepping angle:1.8°
Phasenstrom: 1.7A
Phasenwiderstand 2.5Ω
Phaseninduktivität: 4.2mH
Motor Torque: 0.5NM
Gewicht: 402g
Note: heating nozzle 12V, the normal operating temperature 190°c -230°c, maximum temperature does not exceed 280 °c high temperature easy to damaged material.
Red cable: Heating rod
White cable: Thermistor
E3DV6 3D Printer Drucker J-head:

Type: E3DV6
Spannung: 12V
100k Thermistor
Material: All metal
Durchmesser Düse:0.4mm
Suitable for 1.75mm filament
1m Tube
Cooling fan

Extruder Vorschubrad/Antriebszahnrad:

Material: ??? Edelstahl ???
Außendurchmesser: 11mm
Innendurchmesser: 5mm
Höhe: 11mm
Pitch: 0,9mm
Andruckwinkel: 50 Grad
Kontergewinde: M3
36 Zähne